Many retail companies look forward to the holiday season because they expect sales by promoting their seasonal products. During these times, customers are usually looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Having strong seasonal product shots and ads is crucial for any marketing strategy. Your seasonal product images must be able to grab the attention of your target audience. The customer focuses first on the picture before reading anything when viewing an ad. That is why it is so important to capture a scroll-stopping image for your marketing ad.

An excellent product ad concept comes from brainstorming at the very beginning. It is essential to do your homework if you want to create seasonal product shots that will generate a return on investment for your company. You don’t have to worry about carrying that load. As a commercial product photographer, I do that all the time. However, you know your product well and who your target audience is. You also understand what makes you different and your customers’ most common questions. We can collaborate to create high-quality seasonal products through our combined knowledge of your business and professional photography. 

Once we have the concept fleshed out, I can take the ball and go shopping for props. For example, a company looking for tabletop product shots utilized the image above. They wanted one seasonal product image that was all out Christmas and another one with a higher-end feel to it. Therefore, I went to various stores like Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and many more places to ensure I would have many prop options to choose from. I made sure these props looked great but were also affordable. During the shoot, we used only a fraction of the props. I returned the props we did not use. This helped keep the overall cost down for the client.

During the session, the marketing director was able to see the seasonal product photos on a tablet as I took them. I have equipment to display images as I photograph them, which really calms the client’s fears about potential reshoots for missed images. As a product photographer, I directed the show to set up the lights, angles, camera settings, and other magic. Also, my experience allowed me to lead the conversation in gathering ideas that would eventually produce exceptional seasonal product photos. Using the tablet also allowed us to get more photos in the same amount of time because once we got it right, we moved on to the next image.