Anyone can call themselves a professional photographer, but what you need is a full-time photographer. Unfortunately, what we have historically associated with the word “professional” isn’t the case anymore. The first time a photographer charges for their work, they start calling themselves a professional. However, it is a full-time photographer who has all the value that you’ve come to know and trust in a professional.

  1. Full-time photographers are much easier to schedule because you don’t have to work around their actual job. This can be an issue if you want the flexibility to choose times that don’t negatively impact you, your employees, or your clients. Additionally, there can be a problem if you need to reschedule or the photographer’s other job unexpectedly requires them to come in.
  2. Full-time photographers are available to answer your questions and inquiries. This is important through every step of the process. Most people who need a photographer like to schedule their photoshoot promptly. Before the shoot, a full-time photographer can quickly answer your questions so you have time to prepare. This can make or break what the final images will look like.
  3. A full-time photographer isn’t hoping to fit your editing in after a hard day’s work. This isn’t just an issue of getting photos back to you on time. It is also about quality. It is hard for anyone to provide their best work if they are in a rush or feel tired.
  4. A full-time photographer does not waste your time because they know what needs your attention and what does not. The photographer should be taking on the vast majority of the work without you even knowing it. However, only the client will be able to handle some aspects of the project. You should be bothered only with what you can do to help with the quality of the photos.
  5. A full-time photographer is not learning how to do a shoot like yours during your session. They have done shoots similar to yours again and again. They are aware of the problems well before you are and solve them before you have to deal with them. This prevents reshoots as well as maintains the highest quality.

While I agree you need a professional photographer, the truly professional ones are those clients can rely on consistently. These are full-time professional photographers. The question to ask not if they are a professional but if they are a full-time photographer because most aren’t.

5 Reasons to Hire a Full-Time Photographer