Realistic photo retouching is an important part of your professional portraits. If your photo looks unnaturally posed, employs dramatic makeup, or is overly retouched, it will create an unauthentic look. It is important to use a photographer who specializes in what you want. Wedding, family, and glamour photographers strive to create a memorable fantasy. They are not working to create an engaging natural-looking but polished professional business portrait. This is how your professional photo retouching can end up overdone.

“Colby was responsive to how I wanted to be photographed and knew how to direct me to get the perfect shot. He was quick, courteous, and the collaborative touch up process was something other photographers haven’t done for me before.” –Rachel Larson

In the workplace, honesty and authenticity are valued by clients, bosses, and workmates. That is why this should be conveyed in your professional pictures. While photo retouches aren’t a bad thing, they shouldn’t be overused. Retouching doesn’t add to the portrait, it distracts from it. That is why our team at Colby’s Photos & Videos works directly with our clients when doing retouches. We don’t just retouch images and deliver them.

When we create our studio portraits, we discuss with our clients what they are worried about. We retouch the photos while they are there, and make suggestions along the way. We want every photo taken to tell the story of your career and we believe that you should have a say in any photo retouches. The goal of our team is to use slimming poses and professional lighting to fill in wrinkles so the need for retouching is limited to start with. Using a lot of Photoshop on work photos doesn’t create the honest and professional photos that you deserve. 

Our team helped Rachel Larson get the professional work photos and retouches she wanted. Rachel works at Denark Construction, Inc., and needed photos that highlighted the hard work she has put in with the company. Rachel works in Knoxville, Tennessee with her team to create stunning buildings across the region. They have done work on every type of structure imaginable, from university buildings to historical reconstruction projects. The team at Denark works hard to leave a place better than they found it. You can follow their current projects on FacebookTwitter, and  Linked In

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