Architects who submit their work for competitions need high-quality real estate photography to showcase their expertise. Most real estate photographers work with realtors and real estate agents who sell properties before they become known in the market. Their primary concern is getting it done quickly, and quality is the second concern. They have to do multiple shoots per day, so the lighting quality varies greatly. Realtors also are in such a hurry that the photographers don’t have time to do high-end editing. 

I went to the above location three times to get the best lighting, but there was a truck parked in front every time. COVID-19 has created a lot of challenges for various industries. One of the major challenges it created in the architectural photography industry is that many residents are now working from home. Therefore, many more vehicles are parked on the street during any shoots at residential properties.

I’m an expert at Photoshop, and therefore it wasn’t a problem. As you can see, I was able to remove the truck. I also added realistic enhancements, improving the image’s quality while also keeping the viewer’s attention on the building itself. Edits are required for real estate and architectural photography more than most. Almost every shot will have telephone lines, signs, and a host of other distractions that you never notice until the photos are taken.

It is incredible how affordable advanced editing is now that Photoshop is getting better and better. Because it takes me less time, it costs the client less. I am constantly amazed at what can now be sensibly be done. It is always best to get it done in the camera from an affordability and quality standpoint. However, when needed, Photoshop is a great solution.

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