The American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” is a powerful fundraising campaign that inspires male community leaders to promote breast cancer awareness. Matthew Gentry from the Knoxville Police Department came to my portrait studio in downtown Knoxville to have his picture taken for the campaign. Putting him at ease in the studio was important to me for creating the best experience possible.

“This was one of the best experiences that I have ever had getting my picture taken. I am usually not one to have my picture taken by myself unless my wife is taking the photo. This experience was really painless and I really enjoyed myself. AWESOME JOB!” –Matthew Gentry 

I was able to create this “best experience” for Matthew with my easy-going and engaging approach. I photographed all of the local influencers who would be fundraising for the campaign. I also scheduled multiple days for them to come in. This allowed everyone the flexibility to fit their headshot session into their schedule. We also carefully selected a background to make the color pink stand out. I have the skills to create the same look and feel regardless of whether I am photographing the headshots days or years apart.

Like everyone else who gets business portraits done, Matthew was not looking forward to his shoot. A master photographer, Edward Steichen, said “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” I don’t have to think about the camera so I’m able to devote my entire attention to setting the subject at ease and creating the best experience possible.  

Matthew Gentry is a police officer at the Knoxville Police Department. As a leader of the community, Matthew has dedicated his life to protecting and serving the people of Knoxville, Tennessee. It was a pleasure being able to create the best experience possible for Matthew when shooting his business portraits. I would gladly work with him again. 

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