Any marketing or advertising agent knows that a high-quality headshot is crucial to their personal branding and career. Britny Lawhorn called my office because she wanted portraits that would help lead to success in her marketing and advertising career. I was happy to go above and beyond to ensure that Britny would be 100 percent happy with her studio portraits.  

“This was my first experience getting a professional headshot and Colby did not disappoint. I felt prepared because of the helpful resources and tips he sent beforehand and any anxiety I felt before the session quickly went away when I walked through the door. Colby is great about explaining the process during the shoot and asked for feedback throughout, and I appreciated his focus on making sure I was 100 percent happy with the result. I highly recommend him.”  -Britny Lawhorn

Britny was completely satisfied with my services due to my extensive experience in advertising portrait photography. She needed a studio portrait that would push her professional brand as opposed to just flattering her. I created a headshot that would push the look and feel that people would prefer when considering someone in her field. I made sure to discuss with Britney exactly what she wanted before the shoot began. This way, I had a clear game plan for our portrait session. I created the correct lighting, pose, background, and camera angle to convey the message of the portrait even further. 

Britny Lawhorn is a marketing agent for Finder who specializes in mortgages. She helps clients get the best deal possible when they want to buy or refinance a home. Britny has spent several years working in marketing. She is very aware of the value of proper branding for her company. I have known Britny for several years, which is why I was honored when she chose me to shoot her business portrait. It was a pleasure working with Britny, and I would gladly do another photoshoot with her. 

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