Recently, I was an industry speaker at the convention for Vermont’s state photography trade organization. The Vermont Professional Photographers convention brings the best photographers throughout the state together to share knowledge. The convention creates a supportive community of professionals and helps elevate the state’s professionalism to new heights. 

As a Knoxville professional photographer, I feel honored and blessed to be sought out throughout the country to share my knowledge among my peers. Decades of experience and professional education from the best of the best in the industry have allowed me to become an industry expert as well. It is a pleasure to give back to a community that has given so much to me. If it were not for the information I’ve learned from these presentations, I would undoubtedly not be in business or would not be the professional speaker I am today. 

As an industry speaker, it is an honor to be able to build relationships with some of the best photographers who do the same genre. The conversations are truly invaluable. We talk about how to improve the quality and creativity of our photography. Also, we discuss the business side as well. We discuss how we each provide as much value to the clients as possible. Due to these discussions, I have included so many additional options for my clients to choose from, which fit more and more clients’ needs.

Another great part of the trip was exploring Vermont before and during the convention. Katy got to come with me. She is a travel writer, so it was like having a personal guide with me. She often has access to information as well as places the general public doesn’t always get. I’m going to have to go on a diet after eating all the cheese and all the maple-flavored everything. I also enjoyed massive amounts of local hard cider. I can’t wait for the next adventure. I’ve already got a few on the books. Stay tuned!

“Colby traveled to the Vermont Professional Photographers Association annual convention to give a workshop, and it was excellent! I highly recommend him as an educator. He prepared a hands-on workshop that had our brains turning. We all left the workshop with many, many ideas. He incorporated SEO and marketing help and was super engaging!” –Heather Watts – VPPA educational coordinator