Knoxville food photographer

I was recently commissioned to do food photography for a local artisanal cookie company that has been growing rapidly. It was a great project that required images of individual cookies for the company’s e-commerce site as well as another image for their website banner that had to tell their story and product at a glance. Quality imagery is especially important for those selling primarily through their website (especially something as complicated as food photography), and the clients knew it. We discussed what made their cookies attractive to their customers and what set their company and products apart from their competitors. Photography designed to convert viewers into customers takes a marketing perspective that calls for images that convey the exact story that customers can connect with. Not only do the photos have to be pleasing to the eye but they also have to be enticing enough to lead to an action.

When it is time for the photography, I often work as a team with all the decision makers, whether that’s a solitary owner or a large group including the creative director, graphic designers, marketers or others who will be using the imagery. This time, the client knew that we were on the same page and trusted me enough to let me do the photography completely on my own, using my creative vision. Although I love working with teams, it was incredibly fun to experience the freedom that working solo provides. In the end, the clients were really happy, the website development firm who referred them looked good, and I had the best time.

The professional photography guild of this region just had its annual competition on March 12, 2015, and I submitted the cookie image I shot for my client’s homepage. At the beginning of the competition, the guild announced that this particular competition had received more submissions than ever before. Great! I thought. The images submitted to this competition generally require amazing amounts of editing, planning throughout the year, as well as numerous reshoots. That being said, I was very hopeful that my image would do well, but I also realized that artists often become overly attached to their images and cannot see them for what they really are. Apparently, the judges loved my image as much as I did. They awarded it the Best in Show for the entire commercial division. I am so proud to have won with an image that not only was one of the most fun images that I’ve taken in a while but also with one that is going to continue making my client money.

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