Legal matters are nothing to take lightly, and that is why customers are extremely picky when shopping for an attorney to represent them. One of the best ways to make yourself stand out as a lawyer is through professional attorney headshots. Bridget Pyman called my office when she needed a photographer with a Knoxville portrait studio to shoot her professional headshots, but they had to look like they were done onsite. Bridget will be using her headshots for her website, LinkedIn website, and for other marketing purposes.

 Working with Colby to have a professional portrait done was delightful. His customer service was excellent, and from my pre-session correspondence with Colby, it was clear that he had the practical experience and knowledge necessary to ensure his client was confident and at ease throughout the entire portrait session. Additionally, I needed the background of my portrait to conform to a unique company background; his integration of the two was seamless. My session was comfortable, quick, and fun, and I was beyond satisfied with the completed product. I intend to return for any professional photography needs I have in the future, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a Knoxville portrait studio. -Bridget Puman

The client’s previous photographer created images onsite. Bridget wanted a more flattering portrait than what was done in the past. The challenge was that we had to match the look and feel of the ones done onsite on their balcony. We discussed how the past images had an undesirable color to the portraits. Therefore, we decided to go with a more natural-looking color. We had her come into my Knoxville portrait studio where I have the most control. That way, I can give her the best quality and most flattering portrait possible. Then we used an image from the past shoot, removed the person who was in there, and replaced them with Bridget. She mentioned that when she showed my photos to the office manager, they immediately asked for my contact information. 

Bridget Pyman is a new attorney with Arnet, Draper, and Hagwood Attorneys in Knoxville, Tennessee. The law firm is well known for providing outstanding legal services, including business law, litigation, healthcare law, labor and employment, and more. If you are looking for legal counsel in the Knoxville region, I highly recommend using their services.