No one is happy when they purchase your products expecting one color and getting a different color. Accurate colors for your product photos keep customer complaints and returns to a minimum. That is why I color calibrate the product photos I take every step of the way during every shoot. I want to ensure accurate and consistent colors every time. I don’t photograph just to make your products look good, but to ensure the images are accurate as well.

During a product shoot, I create custom color profiles for my camera rather than the default one that comes in every camera like it. It is surprising to me how few photographers do this. It is a big reason why my food shots and product photos accurately render proper colors. I start by photographing a highly calibrated group of colors. Then I use software to compare what that camera thinks the color is and what it actually is. Then as I import the images, the software corrects the colors of each photo to maintain accuracy.

During a product shoot, I use professional calibrators to ensure that the colors I see on my monitors are correct as well. About every month, I put a calibrator on the screen of all three of my monitors. The software displays a specific color. Next, the calibrators measure if the color is being displayed correctly. The system makes sure that the colors displayed on my monitors are accurate as well. 

I have years of experience and have worked with a wide range of products that come in various types and sizes. Within a short conversation, we can help get an idea of the scope of your project and give you a good estimate of what you can expect to invest. Even better, you can rest assured that the colors will be accurate in the product shoot. As a result, your customers will also be much happier.