It is essential for account managers to include a high-quality professional portrait on their website and other social media. The portrait is their clients’ first impression of them, and first impressions matter. Sara Marquette called my office because she wanted a studio headshot for her account management company. She wanted a professional portrait to be proud of. 

“I was extremely nervous getting a professional headshot done for our company website. I didn’t want a picture I hated and was stuck with that would follow me around for years to come. Thanks to Colby I got a portrait to be proud of. From the moment I called to get the information, I knew I was in good hands. Colby is extremely detailed, professional, very talented, and he delivers! He also makes sure everything is in place and that you are happy with your picture! I love how he understands that you want to put your best foot forward and is willing to get you there. I would highly recommend Colby for any headshot needs. You really won’t be disappointed. On a side note, I really appreciated the extra care he is taking during COVID. It’s nice to feel 100% comfortable, especially when you are taking pictures. Fantastic job!” –Sara Paquette

I met Sara’s specific needs due to my experience and unique approach to photography. I do so much more than just take a picture. I took the time to educate Sara on how to prepare for a great photo shoot. I also made every effort to get to know her so she would feel more relaxed.  

Many people look for the cheapest portrait possible without keeping quality in mind. A portrait is something they will use for years to come. It is the first introduction people have to your business, and it is crucial to put your best foot forward. People can hire a skilled photographer who will give them portraits to be proud of for just a little more. No one wants to have a portrait that looks cheap and amateurish.  

I also follow extensive COVID-19 protocols during photoshoots. I require everyone to wear masks, have their temperatures taken, and practice social distancing. Indeed, it is my top priority to ensure complete safety for everyone involved–those in the studio as well as the next person coming in.

Sara Paquette is the Chief Operations Manager at Ram Reliant Account Management, which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sara was an absolute joy to work with, and I would definitely work with her again. Under Sara’s lead, Reliant Account Management has grown tremendously, becoming one of America’s largest third-party payment processors.   

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