The construction industry often needs a series of progressive aerial photos before and during construction. These images help monitor the safety and project progression of their construction sites. These are generally at least done monthly. It is crucial that progressive drone photos are taken from similar heights and locations. This makes it easy to see the changes at the job site.

Construction companies use progressive aerial photos for monitoring and proof of Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance. Environmental Health and Safety (EHA) managers use aerial images to check for this compliance. DroneDeploy states that drone technology has increased safety by 55%. This not only keeps employees working but also potentially reduces liabilities. 

Progressive aerial shoots help monitor subcontractor progress. This knowledge is essential when scheduling the next subcontractor to come in. It also helps when projecting project completion dates. They are vital for large construction companies with multiple job sites. 

It is easy to determine where large equipment is and how much longer it will need to be onsite. Large equipment is expensive to have idle. DroneDeploy cites a “52% reduction in time to gather data and a 61% improvement in the data pulled.” This information makes it easier to keep clients’ equipment running.

The bottom line is that progressive aerial photos save construction companies money. Droneploy also cites that drone technology has “resulted in a 20x cost savings for some companies.” The importance of progressive drone photos is truly undeniable.

Choosing an easy-to-schedule and reliable drone photographer who won’t drop the ball is essential. Professionals can negotiate the federal airspace, getting automatic as well as manual authorizations. Progressive aerial photos have to be done repetitively at set intervals, so you want someone who isn’t scheduling around their other job and has a proven track record.

If you are looking for a Knoxville drone photographer to do a progressive projects anywhere in East Tennessee, please contact me.