I was presented with the Presidential Award by Sarah Ward with Frame Theory, this year’s president of the American Advertising Federation of Knoxville. I was totally taken by surprise and didn’t have a clue when she named me at this year’s Addy Awards Gala. Please don’t tell anyone but I was so shocked that I didn’t really absorb the beginning of what she said. When I started cluing into what she was saying, the first thing that I remember hearing her say was that I was always asking, “How can I help?” She had no idea how deeply that would touch me. I had been taught early in my spiritual development how important service to others was. It has been a common theme in my life with many layers. It is hard to feel down and sorry for oneself when focusing on others; I feel the most authentic when I’m giving because I feel less of a need to protect; you grow closer to God when you open your heart as opposed to closing it. This has been a concept that I strive to live with my family and friends. I have had various levels of success and usually, upon reflection, I see how important this is. This is something I strive to nurture in my volunteer work, and obviously Sarah recognized it. At times I’m more in the spirit of it than others, and I try to be true to myself and maintain healthy boundaries. It is a concept that I am very focused on in developing my business. How can I help? I often say it when answering the phone and in replying to e-mails. I verbalize it as often as I can. It keeps me focused on our relationships being mutually nurturing and less transactional. What do I like the most about receiving this award (beside being able to put another award on my shelf, which I must say I do like)? It is that it was a reminder to look at what it means to be of service and where I can grow it further.

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