Though we usually work with regional businesses, we love doing corporate architecture for international clients as well. Lauren Mulholland works for CKE Restaurants, the global chain of Carl’s Jr./ Hardee’s. She needed architectural interior and exterior photography for their newly remodeled restaurants in several different states. Though this project seemed potentially daunting, we made this construction photography experience a pleasure for everyone involved.

“Colby’s Photography provided our Hardee’s restaurants
with excellent c
orporate architectural photos for our newly remodeled restaurants. He was always professional, rapid to respond, and willing to travel. Most importantly, the photos were amazing. I would highly recommend Colby’s Photography for any commercial photography. He captures the true essence of the structure and our new design. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future.”–Lauren Mulholland


Since Lauren and CKR work on a worldwide scale, they naturally had many renovation locations they have to juggle. Experience has shown us the major challenge is timing the photos after the construction but before possession. This is no easy task with timelines constantly shifting, affecting effect the next person down the line.

As with every project, we made Lauren and CKE’s convenience a top priority. We focused on being hassle-free for everyone throughout the process. We proactively communicated with everyone while at the same time avoided wasting people’s time with information that doesn’t affect them. Therefore we knew when we could get the job done, and Lauren didn’t have to worry about constantly calling us. We focused on becoming a contributing team member instead of waiting and hoping. This effective communication was a win/win for everyone.

Working with Lauren and CKR was a dream – just as enjoyable as their hamburgers, biscuits, and chicken tenders. Their restaurants are in 44 states, and you can easily find one nearby online for a quick, delicious meal.

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