Pat Postma kept getting requests from the media for portraits due to her diligent and continual volunteer work throughout Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She wanted natural-looking and quality studio portraits without a lot of work. I have the skill to get it done quickly and, I’m told, the personality to make it enjoyable.

 “Ever wished you had a really good photo of yourself, but then you didn’t want to fool with all that fuss and never did it? After looking at some really nice portraits that Colby had done, I finally made myself call him to shoot mine. All I can say is you don’t want to wait another minute! Colby’s technique is very efficient and he makes it fun. In short order right there in the studio, there were more good-looking images than I ever expected to see. He does not have to tell you to smile, he just has a way of making it fun. Many thanks, Colby.” –Pat Postma

Pat has been delaying getting a professional headshot done as she didn’t want to deal with all the fuss and hassle. She did not want to look overly posed and stiff. She was also worried about her smile looking fake. The easy-going atmosphere I was able to create during the shoot pleasantly surprised Pat. I strive to make it not only relaxing but also fun.

Pat Postma is an avid volunteer in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She has her hand in many fundraising projects to improve the culture and quality of life in the town she loves so much. She seems to be on a mission to help various historical, artistic, and other projects geared toward improving the town.