If you have ever worked on a marketing campaign, then you know the importance of having top-notch photos. The first thing a potential customer is drawn to in an ad is the imagery. This means working with a photographer who creates engaging images that inspire emotion and actions in potential customers is crucial.

“I’ve known Colby for many years. The quality of his work is top-notch! Over the years, he has done projects for our clients and for our company. He’s a master of his craft, ensuring that post-appointment communications are clear and helpful and that you’ll get the perfect lighting and positioning.” –-Holly Yalove

Creating a marketing campaign for a business or product can be a big undertaking. Every part of the campaign needs to be delivered with “top-notch” quality. This is especially true for the marketing photos. At Colby’s Photos & Videos, I understand the importance of open and consistent communication, quality service, and timely delivery. I worked directly with Holly and her team to create the perfect photos for her different regional and national marketing campaigns.

I was able to communicate efficiently with her throughout the entire process by making sure she had all the photos she needed. I believe when running a “top-notch” marketing campaign, everyone needs to know what is happening and what is expected of them so no one is surprised.

Holly Yalove has had many years of experience with regional and national marketing campaigns. She is presently the principle of RDI Technology and is a Hubspot trainer. Holly brings a creative and organized perspective to every task she takes on. She also has created tons of “top-notch” advertisements in her various roles.