Attorneys are busy professionals who usually have a hefty workload. Between representing clients and spending long hours on their cases, they don’t have any time to waste. William Gentry called me because he wanted professional portraits of all the attorneys at his law firm for website marketing. I had the experience and Photoshop skills to deliver photographs that impressed the attorneys, and I made the whole process easy and convenient for them.  

 “Colby blew away all our expectations. He delivered fantastic photographs of our attorneys. He impressed us with his top-notch Photoshop skills. Colby was also just a phone call away if we needed him to change anything to our photos. I highly recommend anyone in the Knoxville area to use Colby for their photography needs.” –William Gentry.

The attorneys wanted photographs that made them look like they were from the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. Like many attorneys, they have high billable rates and didn’t want to spend their time running around downtown to find the location they wanted and then take the time to get a great portrait when they could have been making money instead. I went to their office to take their portraits, so it was convenient and didn’t take up too much of their time. I also went around Knoxville and photographed various areas that I thought would look great as backgrounds. Then, they picked the backgrounds that they liked the most, and I photoshopped their portraits into the background. This was more affordable as they didn’t have to dedicate their billable time to it, and they didn’t have to pay me to take all the time it would have taken to do photograph them all around town. It was a win/win situation. My “top-notch” Photoshop skills helped the client save both time and money. 

Pitts & Lake, P.C. offers high-quality attorneys specializing in legal matters such as trademarks, copyright issues, patents, and other intellectual property matters. They were wonderful to work with.