Many people hate getting their portraits done because they don’t feel like they ever look good. We hear this all the time as people walk into the studio. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re tired of hating your portraits too. Here are seven tips to help you get a headshot that you might actually love.

  1. Most importantly–Don’t give up! Many people feel like it isn’t worth the effort because no matter what, they will fail. Guess how good those portraits tend to be? Not good. The best way to get a good headshot is to keep trying. With a bit of perseverance, you’ll get a headshot that you love.
  2. Find an experienced photographer. One who specializes in headshots would be preferable. Look for someone who has a lot of five-star reviews that talk about how at ease people felt and how happy they are with their results. You should also review their portfolio to see if they have the style of headshot you’re looking for. Hopefully, that is why you chose me!
  3. Follow their directions. If you’ve hired someone good, let them help you. The photographer should know how to make you look good. Read, review, and apply what they send you beforehand. At the session, you likely will feel awkward but give it a try, even if it feels weird. The worst thing that can happen is that photo gets deleted.
  4. Be yourself. Have you ever gotten a new haircut or new clothes and didn’t like them? It is better to stick with what you have liked over time than to try something new. This also goes for makeup if you are going for a professional look. Good retouching allows you to not worry about covering anything up.
  5. Don’t rush, and arrive on time. It will be harder to relax during the session after driving like a race car driver or running through the heat to get to the studio. There should be plenty of time set aside to get a great portrait if you don’t arrive late. This is where using your cellphone’s GPS the day before can save the day.
  6. Give feedback. Don’t be afraid to give feedback to your photographer during the shoot. If you don’t like a particular pose, expression, or anything else after trying it, let them know. Just be nice, and you won’t hurt their feelings because they need your feedback to provide you with what you want.
  7. Ask to be rephotographed. If the photographer didn’t know what you hoped for, there should be time to reshoot. An experienced photographer will often get it right in the first round if everyone is on the same page. Sometimes it takes additional collaboration to get you where you want to be.

It is amazing how many people leave delighted and surprised to get a good portrait. This is one of the best rewards of doing what I do, revealing to clients what others see. Even if you don’t get a headshot you love, you will get the best one possible. Following these tips will help you avoid getting a headshot that you hate.

7 tips to get a great headshot