A great portrait doesn’t have to take forever. If your photographer uses expertise instead of guessing, then your portrait will be not only flawless but also timely. Everyone has a best side that is more photogenic. That is what your portrait should showcase. 

“I was very impressed with Colby. The second I walked in the door, he was very welcoming. His knowledge of photography was excellent. He used that experience to get me in a position where my best features would be expressed. It was fun to see him work his editing magic at the end of the session. It helped eliminate wrinkles, shines, and any other parts of the photo that needed adjustment. I highly recommend Colby McLemore with Colby’s Photos & Videos.” –Brian Bailey

Models and actors naturally drop into their “pose” whenever they see cameras. This is because they know their good side. Everyone has an asymmetrical face, but that’s okay. If your photographer has the skills and takes the time to use them, then they can find your best side. Photos that capture your best features will improve your portrait. Guessing wastes a lot of your time and increases the chances you will be unhappy in the end. Determining your best side evens out smaller or larger eyes; crooked, large, or long noses; smiles that are crooked; double chins, and much, much more. This is where I always start at Colby’s Photos & Videos. I will still use skillful lighting and Photoshop to push the quality even further, but you won’t need a lot of editing if the camera captures your best features. The less editing, the more realistic it will end up looking. That is why I use experience instead of guessing.

I was able to capture Brian Bailey’s best side in our recent shoot. Brian needed a portrait created for a campaign with the American Cancer Society. Brian works at First Horizon, a bank that serves consumer and commercial needs in Knoxville as well as surrounding areas. Brian and his team are hard at work every day for every customer. If you need finical advice or just a place to start growing your wealth, visit a First Horizon branch near you.