Sometimes branding and marketing deadlines come quicker than we figured. Even when there aren’t deadlines, everyone wants to start as soon as possible. I’m a full-time professional photographer, so you don’t have to schedule around my other full-time job. I am able to book most of my clients before they are ready—-sometimes even the day they call.

“I needed a really fast turnaround time on a headshot, and Colby was able to oblige. He delivered my photos before I got back to my car. Any touchups he did to the photos were done in real time while I was on-site, with my constant input on preferences–fast turnaround time with a great experience and final product.” –Alex Tweel.

I’ve been doing photography for so long, I have the experience to efficiently and effectively get the job done. I can provide quality while not wasting the client’s time. My clients even pick their favorite photos immediately after they are taken. If I don’t get that perfect portrait, we reshoot it immediately—-no worries about having to do a reshoot or ending up with an image that you don’t like. 

Finally, in most cases, I do the retouching right after you pick your favorites. This ensures that I cover everything you want done the first time around as well as create a collaborative environment to perfectly fine tune it. At the end of the day, you have exactly the portraits you want, usually in less than an hour. I email the final results as you are walking out the door.

Alex Tweel is a service technician and East Tennessee territory manager for Kazmier & Associates, Inc. He received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Rhodes College. Kazmier & Associates, Inc. has been providing excellent customer service regarding the water and wastewater industry since 1972. I had an amazing experience working with Alex and would gladly provide headshots with a fast turnaround time for him again.