Darel Butler called my office when he needed an experienced photographer to shoot professional headshots for his public speaking opportunities. He also plans on using these headshots for news releases. Darel had already been using the ones he created, but he noticed that when he was looking up at the lineup of speakers, all the other speaker’s photos looked more professional. Unfortunately, his photos did not meet the image he was hoping to create for himself.

 “Fabulous photo session! Colby is a knowledgeable photographer, personable, and a great listener. If you need photos, go to see him!” –Darel Butler.

Darel wanted studio portraits that would be hassle-free and convenient. I was able to meet Darel’s unique needs because I have the experience and processes to find his best side, light the photos effectively, and retouch the images all while he is in the studio. I was able to meet him, photograph him, retouch the portraits and email the final photos to him all in less than 45 minutes, and he, most importantly, was very happy with the look. Quality can come with speed if you are using an experienced photographer that is not guessing but creating.

Darel Butler is a General Neurologist in Tennessee. He graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, and Harvard University. He has a sterling career working in the healthcare and hospital industry. In addition, he is knowledgeable about Healthcare Information Technology, Medical Education, Medicine, and Research in Molecular Biology. Darel has done some notable work in his career including speaking at the “Neurology Under a Microscope” event.  As an experienced photographer, I feel fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to work with Darel and I would gladly do it again.