Product photography is much more tricky than it looks – especially when it comes to transparent products, where the picture’s subject is hard to see! However, Linda Stevens and AquaBailers needed various product photos for their website, catalogs, and brochures. It was a pleasure to use my experience to solve this challenging puzzle for them.

“We asked Colby for pictures to be used in our company catalog and on our website. The photography was of excellent quality and in a format that our designers can work with. Colby’s deliveries were always timely, and his pricing consistent. I highly recommend Colby’s Photos & Videos for your commercial product photography needs.” – Linda Stevens

With my years of practice in the craft, I knew the proper techniques to create the transparent product photos they were looking for. On top of that, we made sure to remove the background and distracting reflections from the images, allowing their designers more flexibility when using it for their website, catalogs, brochures, and other marketing pieces. In addition, my specialized photography skills, accurate quotes, consistent pricing, and quick delivery made the experience convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

It was a blast getting to help Linda and AquaBailers with this unique puzzle of transparent product photography. But, of course, their customers often say the same about their service. They’ve been delivering superior groundwater bailers and sampling accessories to scientists, environmental specialists, and other clients worldwide since September 1994. With their products available online and their services accessible all over the internet, AquaBailers is the go-to resource for any groundwater sampling needs.