Your studio headshot portrait is more than just a picture of your face. It’s a marketing tool that can help you make an excellent first impression, build trust, and increase your visibility. It’s like your logo but one that is always there. So how do you get the most out of your impressive new business portrait?

By posting everywhere possible! Here are just a few places you should consider using your studio portrait:

  1. Email signature. It’s a subtle way to introduce yourself and create a more personal touch.
  2. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other online communications tools. It is great to have a professional look even when you are wearing your PJs.
  3. Press releases. If you’re getting a new professional portrait, it might be because of a promotion. Consider highlighting it in a press release.
  4. Dartboard. It will tell who loves you the least in the office.
  5. Social profiles. LinkedIn headshots should be switched out periodically because it will boost you if you have a new avatar. This helps on all social media.
  6. Presentations and speeches. This will help you connect with your audience and make a more memorable impression.
  7. An art piece in the office. The larger, the better, and closer to the front of the office as clients first walk in. It will leave an impression.
  8. Proposals. This ensures they know who they are working with and that humans are attached to all those numbers.
  9. Company newsletter. If you have a company newsletter, you might be able to get them to include your studio portrait in an article–so ask. It doesn’t hurt for advancement if it’s a good article.
  10. Signs. Many real estate headshots appear on yard signs.
  11. Annual report. Highlight those who are steering the ship.
  12. Trade organization websites. If you are a member, they usually have member directories.
  13. Mom and Dad. They will appreciate it.
  14. Mailers. These are great for targeted locations and are starting to become popular again.
  15. Thank you or Holiday cards. When was the last time you got one? That is why they are working again.
  16. Book covers. With the rise of self-publishing, the value of being published for your personal branding is increasing.
  17. Business cards. So they see your face a few more times before throwing the card away.
  18. Blog posts. If your company has a blog, see if they are interested in doing a post about you, or if you are the blog writer, use your portrait to add a personal touch to your posts.
  19. Media kits. If you are a presenter or influencer, these are becoming invaluable.
  20. Company brochures. Review your company brochures and see if there is a place to replace or include your studio headshot.
  21. Corporate or personal website. Your website and social media profiles are two of the most important places to use your portrait.
  22. Political campaigns posters. Just make sure that you vote to lower my taxes.
  23. Pop-up banner. This gives you a strong presence at any tradeshow or event.
  24. Billboards. You are so attractive; everyone wants to see you!

You should consider your studio headshot to be a cornerstone element of your personal branding. Use it everywhere and often. Remember that its value is as an introduction to you. As soon as it starts confusing people because it looks out of date, consider a new one.

Where to use your professional headshot