drone photos for construction companies

Drone photos are becoming an integral part of the construction industry’s marketing. Thus, Richard D. Tilley with the Construction Services Group contacted us to capture aerial images of their completed Knoxville site to showcase their expertise in steel framing. He needed to capture interesting images that highlighted this.

Most importantly, Richard wanted quality work without complications. He wanted a professional drone photographer who could handle all the aspects of the project without any surprises or hassles. He was out of town and wanted someone to take the lead and take care of all the details, someone who had the experience to do it.

I found Colby’s Photos & Videos by a quick Google search. I emailed him and within minutes had a response, was on the phone with him, and had my photography needs completed within a few days. With little instruction, he got me the pictures exactly how we wanted. Great experience!” – Richard D. Tilley

We coordinated with the job crew chief concerning when their construction was finished as well as making sure everyone knew we would be there. The next day, the weather and best lighting were determined. We took the drone photos from typical angles as well as more creative ones. We delivered the edited drone images with the exact specifications that they needed.

The Construction Services Group provides services in commercial and industrial sectors as well as in residential and institutional areas. They also offer construction services for offices, healthcare sectors, condos, single- and multiple-family houses, as well as restaurants.

They also offer remodeling and renovation. Plus, the company specializes in custom designs, tiny houses, job-site offices, and bathroom pods. Are you looking for construction experts using steel framing solutions for your project? Contact Richard D. Tilley and his team at Construction Services Group for reliable construction. You can also contact Richard Tilley at Construction Services Group’s website and their Facebook page.

Feel free to contact us if you need any drone photography services or want to learn more about Colby and his team. You can also read about our other happy clients.