Ophthalmologists and their companies need to market themselves properly to their patients to build trust as doctors. Patients want their eye doctor to be personable, knowledgeable, and professional. The doctors’ portraits should help convey this message. University Eye Specialists is a long-time client of mine. They called my office when they needed professional headshots a new employee, Dr. Justin Gagel. Due to my experience in the field, I was able to convey Justin’s personable nature and knowledge. I also made the process enjoyable for him. This is why University Eye Specialists comes back again and again.

I recently had work portraits completed by Colby Mclemore. He was extremely professional and efficient at this process, and he took great photos. He made the process enjoyable. Colby reviewed every photo personally with me and also went through edits on my favorite photos. I would definitely use him again.”–Dr. Justin Gagel 

I have been photographing University Eye Specialists for many years now. It was important for the company’s image that this photoshoot looked exactly like the first photoshoot I ever did for the clinic.  The professional portraits had to convey the personality of the subjects while making them look confident, competent, and engaging. His company is now expanding its marketing. They are doing a new website and a lot of videos, which I’m very happy to help with.

Dr. Justin Gagel is an ophthalmologist at University Eye Specialists. He specializes in refractive and cataract surgery. Also, he attended East Tennessee State University for his undergraduate degree and earned his doctor of medicine degree from Quincy College of Medicine. Dr. Gagel is drawn to ophthalmology because he gets to practice surgery in the field. He is deeply interested in the anatomy of the human eye. The Knoxville region attracts Dr. Gagel because he gets to be active and go running by the lakes and mountains nearby.