Color Consistency in Product Photography

Product photography colors must be rendered exactly as they appear in the product. The final images cannot be brighter or darker, more or less saturated, or have shifts in the hues. These are measurable and specific terms that determine how the color looks. When you deliver a product to the buyer that looks different than you showed them, they get upset. This costs employees time, money, as well as your reputation.

Calibrated Lighting, Meters, and Know-How. Our lights are the highest quality, and they are precisely calibrated to be consistent in the colors’ hue and saturation. They have a “profile” or color temperature that has to be the same with every light. Many photographers feel light meters, a measuring tape for light, is an old school technology. We have the top-of-the-line meter that ensures the exact right brightness.

Calibrated Camera, Files, and Know-How. We use high-quality cameras that produce pretty accurate colors right out of the store. But pretty accurate is not accurate enough for us. The “profiles” mentioned in the paragraph above have to be synced within the camera as well. The profiles that most photographers use are an average of all the models that the manufacturer produces. We go above and beyond, creating specific DNG profiles for each of our cameras. These camera profiles ensure that the peculiarities of each of our cameras don’t affect the product photography color rendering.

Calibrated Monitors, Editing Processes, and Know-How. We use high-quality monitors that show colors correctly, so what we see on the monitor is what the original product looks like. They are so accurate that professional product photographers rent our monitor for their regional and state photography competitions. The hardest part of the whole process is making sure that photo editors do not introduce color shifts in the editing process. It takes an advanced skill set to use Photoshop. Maintaining product photography color consistency throughout the entire process is even harder.

Your products are the key to your business–don’t risk a poor representation. Our team is eager and ready to give you a great experience in bringing those products to life with accurate and consistent product photography colors. Now you have the full picture of how we commit to a uniform color for our clients, so we look forward to helping! If you’d like to learn more about our services, click here. If you have a specific project you wish to discuss, click here.