Knoxville advertising photographerAs a Knoxville advertising photographer, I was recently blessed with the fun task of taking shots for a national product ad campaign, which will be showing up in magazines throughout the country. After the ads are published, you will see examples of them and where they show up  here on my blog.  The clients would likely not be pleased to see the splash debut of their investment showing up here before they are officially published.  So stay tuned, they will posted here soon after they hit print.

It is always a blast to work with a group of creative minds who each bring their specialized skillset to birth a fabulous advertising concept into a reality. Having experience as a solitary Knoxville advertising photographer, I’m often the only one lifting the load and I’m comfortable with carrying the client from concept to final execution. This typically involves doing most of the brainstorming, coming up with the concept, deploying the ad and finalizing the delivery.  When everyone is contributing wonderful ideas and improvements to the melting pot, it is a wonder to experience, and the final images are amazing to see.

Knoxville, TN commercial photographerAn advertising agency recently contacted and told me that their client wanted a Knoxville advertising photographer to give a facelift to an ad campaign to make it more sexy and edgy, in hopes of pushing the marketing and sales of their product to the next level. Every step of the process is focused on the clients end desire: to sell more products.  The concepts were formed and the talent was acquired.  We had three wonderful models, who were lots of fun to work alongside.  They were fabulous at posing and were very professional, quickly responding to every request.  The hair stylist was incredible at creating a masterpiece that helped create the look and feel that the clients wanted conveyed through the imagery, but not so much that it took away.  The makeup artist worked to create a sophisticated and sensual look that didn’t go too far, but far enough.  It was obvious she knew what she was doing, and her work keeps the post production time down – which in the long run Knoxville, TN ad photographerssaves money.   The costume designer had everything ready and prepared for the models to keep the look on target.   All three had a constant eye on the models to ensure they looked their best.  The creatives were great at communicating what they wanted and were very receptive to anyone’s creative input.  This group of creative people was obviously professional at creating a fun, relaxing, but creative atmosphere.

Reviewing the final images from the session, I’m reminded of the value of putting the time, energy, and investment into a concept that is bound  to make it to the top.  I’m looking forward to working on similarly exciting projects in the future.

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