architectural school photography

Back to school season can get hectic – especially for Dennis Dockery from Rouse Construction. Dennis needed professional, high-quality architectural school photography during his tight construction schedule as well as the school’s. We were more than glad to help Dennis get the photography needed for marketing materials. It was a pleasure using our scheduling and photography expertise to help.

“Colby is always upbeat, positive, and willing to please. His correspondence is very clear and prompt. The architectural school photography he provided was a diverse assortment of images that exceeded my expectations. For a positive photography experience, I would recommend using Colby’s Photography.”-Dennis Dockery

With students’, parents’, and teachers’ schedules all overlapping during school, adding construction to the mix seems like a recipe for stress. Being full-time professionals, we were able to be flexible enough to match even this challenging schedule. We made this experience simplified and convenient for Dennis.

A key component was scheduling the architectural school photography session after construction was finished, but before school itself started. We planned all the shots he needed beforehand so he had everything he needed in one session. All in all, our dedication to convenient and professional service guaranteed Dennis high-quality marketing images that highlighted his quality of work.

Dennis was wonderful to work with. After all, it is easier to capture high-quality architectural school photography when the architecture itself is already high in quality! Dennis and Rouse Construction personalize their approach giving them a unique edge. This easily makes them the go-to resource for contracting in East Tennessee.

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