Aida Miles called my office because she wanted a hassle-free and painless shoot of professional headshots for her career as a pediatric dietician. Like all of my clients, Aida needed to look her best and convey her personable nature and competency.

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on professional photos, and this was the best experience I have had. From the start, Colby’s phone call to discuss what I was looking for was exactly what I needed. He provided the options that best fit my needs. He quoted a figure that was affordable compared to previous photographers I worked with. The information he provided on what to wear (and not to wear) and how to prepare for the photo was invaluable. Other photographers had given me information on what to wear before, but it was not as comprehensive nor as useful. To top it all off, he edited my photos with my input and finalized them before I walked out the door. The entire photo shoot took less than one hour. I am very satisfied with the final portrait. The shoot was painless. I highly recommend Colby’s services!” –Aida Miles

I was able to meet Aida’s specific needs by providing a painless shoot. Aida was so happy with the final portrait that she wanted me to photograph the rest of her family as well. Aida especially appreciated that I did not try to sell her anything more than she needed. All of the other photographers she used would try to lure her into spending more than she needed. I was able to make Aida feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot with my friendly and engaging approach.  

Aida Miles is an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Tennessee. As a pediatric dietician, she has been successfully helping children with special needs for more than two decades. Professor Miles has a passion for working with children and families who have growth, feeding, and nutritional deficiencies. She has given various motivational speeches nationwide about childhood obesity and nutrition.

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