It is crucial for an attorney to be able to represent themselves well to their clients. They need to appear knowledgeable, professional, and personable so that their clients can trust them with the most sensitive cases. Michael Dellinger called my office when he wanted attorney headshots to advance his career.  

 “Colby was very personable for my first post-graduate photo shoot. I mentioned certain aspects I was looking for in my professional attorney headshot. I know how important image can be in my profession. Colby made sure he represented me to the world in all the ways I requested. If I ever decide to get personal pictures or have another professional headshot made (which I won’t need for a while based on how great this picture turned out), I’ll be sure to call Colby.” -Michael Dellinger

I have been doing the entire company’s corporate lawyer headshots for about five years. Each attorney’s portrait has to have the same look and feel as the ones done before, even if they were taken years apart. Indeed, I was able to meet Michael’s needs by making sure all of the attorney headshots looked as if they were from the same day. Michael used his lawyer portraits for versatile purposes, such as his LinkedIn headshot profile, company website, and the Knoxville Bar Association’s website. 

Michael Dellinger is a legal associate at Baker O’Kane Attorneys at Law in Knoxville, Tennessee. He received his education at the University of Tennessee, College of Law. Baker O’Kane has been proudly serving clients in both state and federal courts since 1992. This group of attorneys primarily represents corporate and individual defendants in civil litigations. Also, their areas of expertise include toxic tort, products liability, commercial law, workers compensation, and environmental law.