I’m a published photographer again! The Knoxville Business Journal features me in an article about the value of headshots in personal branding (which is used in most professional groups and is very common among Realtors and real estate agents). The Journal has a print magazine with a circulation of about 12,000. Indeed, it is a well-respected trade publication. The Knoxville Business Journal specifically targets top executives as well as business owners.  

Carrie McConkey, the writer of the article, focuses partly on the value of professional branding. She is an award-winning blogger who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain marketing traction through her blog posts, websites, and content in print publications. In her column in the Business Journal, Carrie coaches professionals on how to put their best foot forward to advance their careers. Indeed, she focuses the article on the value of a quality professional portrait.

The article covers why professional portraits matter and what to do when you’re feeling reluctant. You will also learn pro tips that you might not have considered, and why to invest in your own success. It covers a lot of great information and reinforces her points with interview quotes. I was delighted that she added a lot of real quality suggestions in between my quotes. It pointed out uses of a studio headshot that I usually don’t focus on.

It is typically my images that you see in print, not my words, which makes this a hoot. As a published photographer, I’m always excited to be in print no matter how it shows up. You have likely seen my images on websites, brochures, magazines, billboards, and a host of other places but this is the rare time you can get an idea of the thoughts behind them.

You can read the article here.