Professionals in the healthcare industry have to provide the highest quality of care so that their patients or clients know they are sympathetic, helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. A critical part of that is being able to market these traits properly. Nancy Sweeney called my office when she needed a quick turnaround for portraits for her new position as a senior territory manager of Exact Sciences, an organization dedicated to detecting and treating cancer. 

“It was such a pleasure working with Colby when I needed a portrait for my new job. He was able to accommodate my quick turnaround time and made me feel at ease during the whole process. Most importantly, I was extremely happy with the results. He knew just how to capture me at my best. I highly recommend him for any photography needs.” –Mary Sweeney

Mary needed a quick turnaround time for her professional headshots. She wanted new studio portraits for her new job and wanted professional photos so she could update her LinkedIn profile, marketing, and internal rosters. Furthermore, she wanted headshots that she could use to update her company’s website. As a full-time photographer, I had a flexible enough schedule to shoot her photos right away. I sent the digital headshot files to Mary before she even got back to her car. These quick results are a regular part of my photography process. 

Mary Sweeney is the senior territory manager at Exact Sciences, a molecular diagnostics corporation dedicated to the early detection of cancer in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the corporation’s most notable achievements has been launching the Cologuard, which is the first stool DNA test for colorectal cancer. They are one of the leaders in cancer study and treatment and have transformed many lives with the great work they do.