I feel honored to be awarded a gold bar from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). This award primarily recognizes my service as a national speaker in the world’s largest and oldest professional photography trade organization. I’ll be placing this bar on a lanyard with the other ones I’ve earned through the organization. The bling inspires new photographers to work on their craft, their service, and the quality of their work.

My involvement with PPA allows me to learn new ways to satisfy my clients’ needs effectively. I learn to provide new angles and looks within my photography and videography. Also, I’ve learned to create more efficient systems that will take up less of the client’s time. I’ve been applying what I’ve learned for years and years, which adds up to my clients getting better quality photography quicker and at a more cost-effective price point. 

I also get to hang out with other quality photographers who love their work. They might shoot photos a little differently, which allows me to learn how others do what I do but differently. Watching other commercial photographers in their work gives me new, creative ideas that I can apply to my own work as a Tennessee professional photographer. 

Being a national speaker allows me to see many other professional presentations where I discover new and creative ideas. I also get to see photo contests that highlight nuances I can then apply more often. The presentations expose me to the newest equipment and how people use it in new ways. Another side benefit is that I build relationships with the other presenters, which allows me to more easily follow up with them to learn even more.

Indeed, receiving the gold bar from PPA is an honor as it allows me to learn many new things as a national speaker.