Real estate is a booming industry that includes many different sub-fields such as leasing agents, property managers, foreclosure specialists, as well as title examiners. Title companies have to build the trust of their clients if they want to support their Realtors and real estate clients. Kara Stevens called my office when she needed headshots for her company’s website and needed to be added to her company’s group portrait.

“Colby made the whole process a breeze! He was wonderful to work with, from giving directions to parking to telling me exactly what to expect and how to pose for the best headshot. I appreciated the laid-back atmosphere. Also, Colby was very kind and personable. He sent the image back very quickly, and I was very pleased with the quality; the touch-ups were just enough to provide a polished look without looking overly edited.” –Kara Stevens

I have been doing her company’s team portraits for several years. Her new business uses my corporate headshots and group portraits for their website as well as their other advertising. The company has all of their new hires come to my portrait studio to get their company headshots done. I also get thigh-high shots to include in a group portrait. I Photoshop each person into a group portrait with various backgrounds. This saves the company’s employees a lot of time because everyone does not have to stop what they are doing at work every time a new hire comes on board or when someone leaves the company. This process keeps the company’s group portraits up to date without wasting everyone’s time and ends up being much more affordable as well! 

Kara Stevens is an attorney at the Title Group of Tennessee in Knoxville.  The Title Group of Tennessee is a comprehensive title company that serves the Middle and Eastern Tennessee region. The company follows the highest standard when providing real estate-related services. They understand the importance of complying with changes in the industry and became ALTA Best Practices Certified in 2015. The Title Group of Tennessee offers title examinations, deed preparations, residential closings, notary services, attorney title opinion letters, commercial closings, lien searches, and more. I highly recommend The Title Group of Tennessee for any of your legal real estate needs.