Photography for architects requires a lot of communication and project management. It’s a skill to coordinate with multiple people to gain access and schedule multiple locations. The photographer also needs to arrange everything for when the light is perfect for obtaining the best quality photography. Cara Knapp from OYSK3 Architects, Knoxville, TN, contacted us for her firm’s marketing needs. Being a professional and expert in her field, she was well aware of these challenges. She needed high-quality images while at the same time, needed her photographer to maintain her top-shelf branding.

“Colby listened and communicated well throughout the process. Before taking a single shot, he discussed my expectations with me, defining and recording them. He made sure to understand the true need and desired use(s) for the images he was producing for our firm. He showed high skills and craftsmanship in photographing for our architects. We look forward to collaborating more in the future.” – Cara Knapp

Often many locations are required when photographing for architects. To do that we had to coordinate with the builders, renters, and property owners. We are also very aware that our actions reflect on the architects and we ensure every interaction is as professional and positive as possible. Also, it was our pleasure to plan everything, helping to take some of the workload from Cara. 

Our next challenge was to schedule the shoots at a time that gave us the right light. It is very important in photographing for architects that the lighting is right. We knew Cara needed the images for her company’s website, brochures, and other marketing needs. We also considered how to integrate our images with the photography they already had. We also worked to make sure the images highlighted the craftsmanship of the architects.

Cara Knapp is the Principal Architect at OYSK3 Architects. She is a passionate designer and loves creating unique spaces to meet the needs of her clients. Since 2002, OYSK3 Architects has been renovating buildings with great expertise. Their work deserves high-quality photography that we provided with true diligence. The company prides itself on its three pillars: to be consistent, reliable, and responsive. They received a Certificate of Appreciation from Knox Heritage for their excellence. You can take a look at their residential and commercial projects here. For professional architectural services, you can contact OYSK3 on their website or Facebook.

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