Anna Seiple from Healing Hearts Marriage Counseling understands the challenges that couples face. Her goal is to have them live a happy life. The reason she wanted a professional portrait made was to connect with her existing and potential clients. Anna was surprised by how engaging the counselor portrait Colby made turned out.

Great photography experience with Colby. Everything was top-notch, expert, and enjoyable. Colby does a great job setting you up for the best picture possible with his expertise while he ensures you feel comfortable to capture your true self. The way he edits the photo right after he takes it is very helpful, using his skills and preferences to collaborate with clients. I highly recommend him!— Anna Seiple

Our team tries to channel the energy of a photoshoot into the final images. That is how we were able to satisfy Anna’s needs for the shoot. She was asking for an authentic touch in her counselor portrait. She wanted to express compassion and empathy.

Anna consults with couples seeking help. She helps couples to communicate better so that they can live a happy life together. She offers premarital, marriage, divorce, and individual counseling.

Contact Anna Seiple to find out more about her practice’s couples’ counseling services. They have proven experience in helping couples to understand each other better.

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