Not all competitions are the same. There are competitions for every level of skill–from beginner to professional. Some aim solely at giving those that submit something to use in their marketing. Some are smaller local competitions, while others are highly competitive international events.

Clients can rest assured that consistent award-winning photographers can routinely produce quality photography for them as well. Colby’s Photos & Videos has demonstrated year after year that they are one of the top photographers in Knoxville, TN. This is not because of the awards they have won but because of the imagery provided to their customers. This year Colby McLemore is super excited to have won for the first time the American Society of Photographers State Elite Award at the state’s professional photography trade organization, Tennessee Professional Photographers Association. This goes to the highest scoring image among the best of the best photographers of ASP. He was also named to the Top Ten Tennessee Photographers. Colby additionally won five first-place awards for various categories, including Commercial Architecture and Commerical Illustrative. He has won many of these awards in the past.

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