I want to sincerely thank Knoxville, Tennessee, for voting me among Cityview’s Best of the Best commercial photographers yet again. I greatly appreciate the community continually supporting me over all these years. Your votes have placed me in first place more times than I can remember. I can’t even think back to when I was not included, and I am so grateful for it. This year, your generosity put me in the top two Knoxville commercial photographers. Considering the number of photographers throughout the region, this is a great honor.

As an advertising photographer, I especially appreciate your generous votes because they help my business grow. It is pretty amazing how small acts of kindness can significantly impact small businesses such as mine. The excellent testimonials that my clients continue to give me all over the internet also help build my reputation. Furthermore, word of mouth has been a significant factor in growing my brand. This type of marketing can be an essential factor in building a business in small cities such as ours.

Being voted among the best in Cityview’s Best of the Best for 2021 is truly an honor. The magazine has a readership of more than 250,000. It is the oldest running Knoxville magazine, started in 1983. The businesses that display it typically retain each issue for about nine months. Magazines like this are important because they help establish a sense of community. You can view Cityview’s Best of the Best for 2021 by clicking here.

This honor is a reminder and inspiration for me to make sure that I do the same for others. It keeps me focused on the blessings around me. I feel we are surrounded by Knoxvillians who go above and beyond the call of duty. I strive to thank them and do my part to acknowledge and encourage others who are doing their part.