I am delighted to announce I’ve been elected as the Chair of the Board for the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN) at their 2023 holiday party. I’m proud of all the goals we accomplished during my presidency in 2023: continued growth of participation, creating an active volunteer team, redesigning the website, revising the by-laws, and restarting membership levels with the extraordinary support of a fantastic group of helpers with the same vision of the East Tennessee professional community.

Liz Salem, the 2024 president of PPETN, said, “Colby’s passion, expertise, and community-driven approach are exactly what PPETN needs as we move into a new era of growth and innovation.”

My commitment to PPETN continues beyond administrative roles. As an instructor and mentor, I’ve had the pleasure of nurturing new professionals, sharing my knowledge, and learning from emerging photographers. This collaborative spirit has always been at the heart of my approach to the photographic community. I am dedicated to fostering an environment where we can all thrive and inspire each other.

As I’m handing off many of my commitments to the region’s professional group, I’m expanding my efforts in the Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, taking on the position of secretary and in line to the organization’s presidency in 2026. My support to the national community is continuing as normal. I was just booked to teach a class on on-site corporate portraits at the Arkansas Professional Photographers Association’s annual conference next summer.

Although I’m expanding my volunteerism outside the region, my commitment to PPETN stands. I have gained so much from participating in the group that I have much more to give back.