Annual meetings and conventions are perfect for having individual and group portraits done. It might be the one time of the year where the whole staff is already there. No team member is putting out a fire or tied up with another commitment. Everyone who might travel has specifically blocked out this day for the meeting. Truly, if you want to photograph conference headshots for all of your team members at once, annual meetings are the best opportunity.

I took this image in a small, furnished hotel room during a company’s annual leadership meeting. I took business headshots and full-body portraits to combine them into various group shots. Also, I changed the color of one of their shirts, added long sleeves, and tucked in that shirt to create pants and a belt. I further edited photos by adding lipstick when requested and photoshopping all the convention portraits into a group photo. Also, I added a background and safety vests from stock imagery chosen by the client. The company will be using these group portraits in its social media and on its website. They will also be hanging this photo in their lobby as a large print.

Professional photographers have the experience to shoot conference portraits quickly, so it does not slow down or negatively impact your annual meetings. Because I’ve done it for so long, the photoshoots run like clockwork. I shoot the photos quickly while still maintaining the highest quality conference headshots. We can schedule the company headshots so that everyone misses only a few minutes of their meeting. Time can also be blocked out if the company wants to get all of the convention headshots done in the same sitting.

An experienced photographer will help save costs by shooting as many of the group photos as possible at one time. It is amazing how much you can accomplish by photographing in a small hotel room.