Imagine having a business website where all the portraits looked completely different. Every portrait had different backgrounds as well as different lighting and color casts. It creates a non-consistent look that doesn’t seem polished or professional. Unfortunately, this is a common challenge when companies (especially multi-city companies) hire different photographers over the years to do portraits of their new hires. Melissa Hutton faced something like this when she started as the marketing director for Spicer Rudstrom Law Firm.

“Working with Colby was a pleasure! He did a great job of updating and giving a consistent look to our existing portrait images with new backgrounds for a new website. I appreciate how he took the time to explain the different options I could choose from for the new backgrounds. I would recommend Colby for quality photography services.”–Melissa Hutton

For most businesses these days, the website is the first point of contact. Therefore, it is important that it look professional and high class to attract better clientele. Melissa wanted a similar feel for her company’s website. Colby discussed various pitfalls as well as options that would not only solve her problem today but would also place her company in a great place for future hires. Then, we went through her past portraits as well as some newer ones, editing them to make them look like they were all taken at the same time and at the same place by the same photographer. Colby’s Photos & Videos was able to get a consistent look for the website even though the portraits were not originally that way.

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