Supply chain professionals have to be able to work with many different clients in many different industries. One of the best ways to do that is to properly market yourself by providing a quality profile headshot for your website and social media pages. Brittany Groninger called my office when she needed a top-quality and easy-going photographer to shoot her LinkedIn profile headshot, company’s internal website photos, and e-signature email photos. 

“Colby did a fantastic job, and it was a true pleasure working with him. He is a patient photographer, and he worked with me until we got the perfect shot. He made sure I was happy with the picture before I left. I would highly recommend Colby if you are in the market for professional photos. Thanks, Colby!”–Brittany Groninger

Brittany wanted great studio headshots but didn’t want to waste a lot of time. It is always a balancing act. I focus on saving my clients’ time from the first call to the final delivery of the images and every step in between. Before my shoots, I make sure the emails are tight and compact but also deliver all of the necessary information. Also, I try to keep the number of emails and calls as low as possible. However, I always make sure I answer all of the client’s questions. 

During this shoot, I used a tried-and-true process that kept things moving while getting an exceptional studio portrait. We did multiple shoots and picked Brittany’s favorites. We were able to retouch and deliver some of the photos on the same day and gave her the rest of the images the following business day. Brittany was looking for a patient but efficient photographer and appreciated how I took the time to ensure she got exactly what she wanted. 

Brittany Groninger is a supply chain professional who specializes in procurement, analytics, operation, and ERP systems. She has a strong background in various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, oil and gas, and the government. Her current role is as a senior solutions specialist for Deloitte Consulting. Deloitte Consulting provides various services such, as tax services, consultations on business operations, and auditing techniques. If you are looking for experts in the consulting field, I highly recommend Deloitte Consulting.