Putting a face to your name for your clients is vital. It builds trust and enhances the relationship. Hiring a photographer to take a quality portrait is the best way to achieve that goal. However, not everyone in Knoxville, TN, has mastered the art of taking hassle-free portraits. Drew Griggs, an insurance agent at State Farm, had such concerns, but Colby’s Photos & Videos effortlessly allayed his fears. They created painless headshots for Drew’s website, social media pages, email signature, and business cards.

“Delayed updating my headshot for a while because the process has typically been a pain. NOT with Colby’s Photos & Videos. The studio is excellent. The atmosphere is fun. Simple process. The best part— edit the image right then and there and have the picture before you get home! That was my confirmation that hassle-free portraits were possible. Thanks, Colby!” —Drew Griggs.

Most people would rather not have their portraits done because of all the stress involved in the process. It wasn’t the first time Drew had headshots done because he’s been in sales for a while, but the experience was always excruciating. That is why he always used to postpone updating his portraits. However, the story changed when he met Colby and his team. They are experienced in taking relaxed and hassle-free portraits and made Drew’s encounter a success. Colby ensured the session was fun, easy, and quick, with the end product being an excellent headshot.

Drew is an exceptional insurance agent. Life has a lot of risks and protecting yourself can be complicated and confusing. Drew makes it easy. He is the best, and you can contact him through this website or on LinkedIn.

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