Being an industry influencer reassures clients. Every client wants a perfect final image or video but the process can be challenging. However, Colby has been surrounding himself with the best in the industry to learn how to not only match but also exceed his clients’ hopes and expectations. In turn, he feels he should share his knowledge with other photographers as well. He strongly believes in the concept of paying it forward.

Colby impacts the photography scene as an industry leader. He enjoys teaching and mentoring the photographers around him. Also, he taught at the University of Tennessee Photography Certificate program for more than seven years. In addition, he leads many workshops and judges photo contests throughout Tennessee and neighboring states.

Holding numerous leadership positions helps an industry leader support the industry. Apart from teaching and mentoring, Colby has been in leadership positions on various boards throughout various industries. Some of these leadership positions have included being a Tennessee representative on the Council of the Professional Photographers of America, on the board of advisors for Pellissippi State Community College’s Photography Degree department, and on the boards of the American Marketing Association of Knoxville, the American Advertising Federation of Knoxville, the Tennessee Professional Photographer Association, and the Professional Photographer of East Tennessee, as well as others.

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