Photography Presenter, Workshops, and More

Colby has a laid-back, conversational presentation style with a dash of dry humor. He feels at home on stage as he’s been presenting throughout the U.S. and even internationally. He always cheerleads his audience to be self-empowered and pushes them to the next level. Therefore, he strives to leave participants with actionable information and the concepts surrounding that information. He’s taught up to ten-week-long classes at the University of Tennessee for more than seven years and has also done countless hour-long presentations. He has been recognized by the largest and oldest professional photographers’ organization for being a mentor and instructor to other professionals. He also judges and manages photo contests and mentors photographers, assistants, and college interns.

The audience loved his charisma and ability to break down a complex topic into an easy-to-understand process. Highly recommend.

— Chris Wooley

It was one of the best presentations we’ve had, with a resounding endorsement from the other professionals and hard-to-impress members.

— David Morgan

I highly recommend him as an educator. He prepared a hands-on workshop that had our brains turning. We all left the workshop with many, many ideas.

— Heather Watt


Photography Presenter – Colby has done professional presentations throughout the U.S. and internationally at professional conventions. He always strives to arm participants with actionable items instead of concepts alone. His demos and presentations range from one-hour lightning information rounds to ten-week college courses. He presents on many subjects but likes to discuss the audience’s interests and skillsets so he can custom-tailor something for your organization.

Workshops – He does various intensive workshops that compress a lot of information into a one- or two-day workshop but has done up to ten-week college classes. This is a great option for those who want to learn a lot of information quickly and is typically done on weekends. This lets you quickly increase your skillset while fitting a workshop into your busy schedule.

Podcast Interviews & Guest Blogging – Colby is often asked to guest blog and does podcast interviews. Just reach out, and he can discuss subjects that are targeted to your audience and that he has a passion about.

Photo Judging, Critiquing, and Competition Manager – Thanks to Colby’s skilled eye, he is asked to judge photography competitions throughout the year at hobbyist and professional groups. He is often asked to do critiques when he judges and creates video critiques for specific photographers’ work. He can implement every aspect of a photography competition, from creating the rules to designing slide shows of the final winners for your company’s needs.

One-on-One Tutoring – He loves working one-on-one with photographers who want to increase their skills as quickly as possible with tailor-made instruction geared to their needs.  This is a great option for those who want to acquire specific skills and/or who have limited time and want to maximize the benefit of their investment.

Company, Studio, and Professional Photographer Education and Support – He is often hired by various businesses to assist them in tailored education around photography. Companies that photograph in-house often need help educating or creating workflows to make their photography more effective. Studios have asked him to help set up and train on lighting. Professional photographers often need assistance with various topics including technique, sales, marketing, and much more. Finally, he often assists clients with their editing and workflow.

Assistants – He has great paid opportunities for assistants who want to watch and learn how a professional photographer works. There are many restrictions, and punctuality is important. All skill sets are welcome and the hours are flexible.

Interns – He helps college students with their intern requirements. He usually works with one or two per year. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for what it is like to be a freelance photographer. Please do not apply if you have a habit of being late or missing appointments.

Colby’s enthusiasm for photography certainly infects. Participants are treated as equals, their vision and abilities respected. Positive reinforcement is Colby’s specialty.

— Mike C.

Colby has a great sense of humor. He is very animated and kept things exciting at all times.

— Whitney D.

Great enthusiasm plus in-depth knowledge plus great teaching skills equals a very useful experience.

— Ray H.