Knoxville Photography Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops, and More

Colby has been blessed to be a photography instructor and mentor to so many professionals as well as enthusiasts throughout the nation. He’s taught up to eight-week-long classes at the University of Tennessee for more than seven years. He has been recognized by the largest and oldest professional photographers’ organization for being a mentor and instructor to other professionals. He also judges photo contests, does presentations, and gives classes to enthusiast groups throughout the state.

Colby’s enthusiasm for photography certainly infects. Participants are treated as equals, their vision and abilities respected. Positive reinforcement is Colby’s specialty.

— Mike C.

Colby has a great sense of humor. He is very animated and kept things exciting at all times.

— Whitney D.

Great enthusiasm plus in-depth knowledge plus great teaching skills equals a very useful experience.

— Ray H.


One-on-One Tutoring – He loves working one-on-one with photographers who want to increase their skills as quickly as possible with tailor-made instruction geared for their specific needs.  This is a great option for those who want to acquire specific skills and/or who have limited time and want to maximize the benefit for their investment.

Company, Studio, and Professional Photographer Support – He is often hired by various businesses to assist them in tailored education around photography. Companies who photograph in-house often need help educating their photographers to work more effectively. He has been asked by studios to help set up and train them on their lighting. Professional photographers often need assistance with various topics including technique, sales, marketing, and much more. Finally, all of these often need assistance with their editing and workflow. This is done on location or by connection remotely.

Workshops – He does various intensive workshops that compress a lot of information into generally a one-, two-, or sometimes even three-day workshop. This is a great option for those wanting to learn a lot of information quickly and is typically done on weekends. This allows you to increase your skillset quickly while still fitting in your busy schedule. Sometimes companies ask Colby to do these specifically for their tailored needs, which is always an option.

Photo Judging, Presentations, and Photo Walks – Colby is asked to judge photography, give presentations, and lead photo walks for civil organizations, camera clubs, and photography organizations on a variety of subjects. These generally last from one to two hours.  Subjects vary and are often dependent upon the needs of the organization and audience. Commonly, the only charge is for his expenses if the event is free.

Assisting – He has opportunities for assistants. These are great opportunities to watch and learn how a professional photographer works. There are many restrictions, and punctuality is important. While he does not typically charge for this, assistants are not paid unless it can be billed to the client. This happens only after confidence is built through time and the assistant adds value to the client.

Interns – He is very willing to help college students with their intern requirements. He usually works with one or two per year. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for what it is like to be a freelancer. Please do not apply if you have a habit of being late or not showing up to appointments.