Portrait Background Considerations & Choices

The background for your portrait has a definite effect on the overall impact and feel of the final images. There are advantages and disadvantages to the various choices. Here are some points to consider.

  • Don’t worry, I can make suggestions that are appropriate for you if you are unsure which to pick.
  • Is the portrait going to be used for your company’s marketing?
    • Many larger corporations and franchises have specific instructions on the backgrounds for their company portraits.
      • Contact your boss and/or marketing department to see if they have any guidelines.
        • If so, email them to me.
    • Check your company’s website and see if all the backgrounds are the same.
      • If so, email me a link to the page.
    • If you are trying to match a look from prior portrait sessions, send me examples.
  • Backgrounds should not draw attention away from you.
    • Lighter clothing with lighter backgrounds makes the face stand out.
      • This example is generally considered more upbeat.
    • Darker clothing with darker backgrounds also makes the face stand out.
      • This example is generally considered conservative and somber.
    • Mid-tones (medium grey) are often the safest but least impactful.
    • Bright backgrounds with dark clothing or vice versa are generally not considered the best choice.
  • Solid backgrounds
    • These are generally considered more modern and are a great choice for fast-moving evolving industries.
    • These are likely to look dated quicker than a good textured background.
  • Textured backgrounds
    • These are generally considered more classic and are a great choice if you want to convey trust and reliability.
    • These will look current for much longer than solid backgrounds.
  • Colored backgrounds
    • These are a good choice if you want to compliment your clothing, bring out the color of your eyes, or push your branding’s color palette further.
  • Your choices of digital backgrounds are pretty limitless. Do you want to be in front of the Knoxville skyline, the Smoky Mountains, in an office environment, or even on top of the Sunsphere?
    • These are great choices when something in the background adds to the story of what you do.
    • We can photograph you or your team, and Photoshop you into a digital background.
    • It is best to tell me that you want to do this before we take the photos.
    • These backgrounds are usually blurred a little. We can add additional blur if you’d like.
    • We can use an image we took, you took, one you have authorization to use, or one from a stock agency.
      • The two stock agencies I would suggest would be:
  • The gallery above are options that we have in stock.
    • Note that most options can be brighter, darker, have color added, or a spotlight included.
    • These are included in the price of all our portraits, except for the last few that are labeled digital backgrounds.
    • Note that there is an additional investment for custom, digital, or Photoshoped backgrounds.

These are just a few of the key concepts to consider when choosing a background. Again, I am very willing to help you choose an appropriate selection for your particular needs. Don’t overly worry about it as I’m very experienced at helping.