East TN & Knoxville Drone Photographer and Aerial Videographer

Experienced Knoxville drone photographer and aerial videographer. Colby has been getting that birds-eye view for over 30 years. He started with aerial photography from planes, then put his cameras on poles, and more recently became an early adopter of drone technology. His reputation has been built through consistent results, as you can see in any of his online testimonials.

“Extremely knowledgeable in his craft, professional and my photos are even better than I expected” –Debra DeWitt

Quick quotes, easy scheduling, and fast turn arounds. Colby eliminates the headaches and saves you time while providing superior quality aerial photos and videos. He asks the right questions to discover what you need so we can get it right the first time—no waiting or long delays, just fast and efficient service.

“He makes it easy, so I can check that to do off of my list.” –Connie White

Top-tier photographer, not just a Knoxville drone pilot. As a full-time professional photographer and videographer, Colby creates compelling photos and videos that engage your audience, tell your story, and bring your ideas to life. He has the skill to showcase your property or products. He takes the mundane to the extraordinary.

“He is more than a photographer, he is an artist.” –David Lawrence

Safe, licensed, certified, and insured. Colby is not only an FAA-licensed Knoxville drone pilot but also a PPA-certified drone photographer as well. He has decades of experience, is well versed in restricted air spaces, and uses government-suggested checklists and maintenance schedules.

Clientele range from individuals to large companies. They need anywhere from a few images of construction site monitoring to hours of video marketing coverage. Specifically, Colby has worked with marketing firms, film production companies, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors, construction companies, land developers, property managers, as well as residential and commercial real estate professionals.

If you want an easy, high-quality solution to your Knoxville aerial photography or drone video needs, call today to get a quick quote.

Frequently asked questions – Knoxville drone photographer and East TN aerial videographer.

Can you fly at our property? Usually. Air space is very confusing for the inexperienced. We can determine if your property has flight restrictions with the first call and even if there are restrictions, we can often get immediate authorizations.

Can you fly near the airport? Often. Laws have changed and pilots who are not up to date don’t know the latest restrictions, which are more flexible. If there are restrictions, we can often get immediate authorizations.

Do I need to be on-site for the shoot? No. We can discuss your particular needs so that we deliver exactly what you want.

What is your turn-around time? We can accommodate your schedule. Knoxville photography is typically delivered within seven days of shooting. Knoxville drone videos typically take longer, depending on your editing needs. Call us to discuss the scope of your project.

Do you offer advanced editing or video editing? Yes. The investment is in direct proportion to the effort required. We can talk about it.

How will I get my files? You will be able to download them from the internet. As most photographers & videographers, we sell the use of the content, not the content itself.

Is your drone professional grade? Yes, the camera has a one-inch sensor, 4K video, and shoots in raw. The drone is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with noise reduction technology.

What kind of weather can you shoot in? We can fly most of the time although your property will probably look better when the weather is good.

Can you capture the entire property in one photo? Usually, it depends on how large the property is.

Do you have drone liability insurance? Yes. We give it to every client usually before they ask.

Are you licensed by the government to be a commercial drone pilot? Yes. We have our FAA Part 107.

You are a Knoxville drone pilot but are you an aerial photographer as well? I’m a full-time professional photographer. I’m great at piloting the drone, but I’m even better at using its camera.

If your drone registered with the FAA? Yes

What photo resolution can I expect? 4K or 12MP at 4000×3000 non-cropped

What file format will you use? I typically deliver in jpg but photograph in raw.