Corporate Event Photographer and Videographer in Knoxville

Corporate event photos and videos that focus strictly on company events–no weddings, birthdays, or cake smashes here. My team and I are the area’s premier tradeshow, convention, corporate, and business event photographers and videographers. We have the experience and skills to provide exceptional content every time. We give you maximum value because we maximize the time we spend working your company event. Our team doesn’t waste time on irrelevant things. We work with you to understand how you want to use our photos and videos so you get what you need. And—this is very important—we don’t interrupt your corporate event. We also make sure we don’t slow down or become part of the show.

“You had it totally together from start to finish.” –Carl Brunner

Our company event team works on every type of corporate event, no matter the size. We cover conventions, grand openings, trade shows, product launches, press conferences, ribbon cuttings, retirement and holiday parties, awards banquets, fundraisers, corporate meetings, training seminars, team-building events, picnics, as well as retreats.

We Focus on What’s Important to You. A corporate event photographer or videographer must use a different strategy for non-business events. We do not apply a cookie-cutter approach where we are wasting time covering the food or other frivolous elements. We focus on what is essential to the objectives of your particular event. Sometimes the focus is on individual people, groups of people, the opening of venues, gaining attention for tradeshow booths, and the actual events that are happening.

“He made sure to understand the true need and desired use of our images.” –Cara Knapp

Maximizing Your Value Starts with a Plan. Planning is essential to tell the event’s entire story. Before your event, we discuss what your goals are for the content. From there, we work with you to create a plan to ensure we get the quality shots you need to accomplish your goals.

“The process came with no surprises.” –Sam Albritton

We Keep Things Moving and Don’t Cause Distractions. With our event plan, we know what we have to do at every stage of your function. We communicate with you so we can make any necessary adjustments on the fly, but we don’t take you away from your other duties or wear out your team. We get the job done without being in the way.

“I was particularly happy with the efficient manner in which he worked.” –Kathryn Shrader

You Can Put Your Event Images to Work Immediately. Our team captures people in an authentic manner, promoting your organization’s image and branding. We are also able to satisfy your visual media needs. We often receive compliments for adding a light-hearted, positive vibe without being intrusive, so you’ll be especially pleased with our candid images. We also offer onsite photo printing and social media uploads, so your pictures start working for you immediately. Event-goers can take home souvenirs. People who can’t attend get to be part of the experience. Afterward, we can digitally enhance select images so you get the best possible shots to remember your event and publicize it through many media outlets.

“Extremely quick turnaround time” –Amelea Everett

If you want us to capture the best corporate event photos and videos you’ve ever had, call today.

Frequently Asked Questions – Corporate Event Photography and Convention and Tradeshow Photos and Videos

How far in advance do I need to schedule you? My team is made up of full-time professionals with many skills. We can accommodate most dates and times. However, since you’re planning your event, it’s best to reach out to us early so we can save the date.

How much do you charge for business event photography and videography? It depends on the size and scope of your event. In just a short discussion, we can determine which options are the best fit for you and also give you an idea of the investment.

Can you provide headshot services during our event? Yes, many clients want us to do portraits during their conventions because it is a convenient time when everyone is together. Also, many clients who work tradeshows like the attention they get by providing professional portraits to participants, as well as easily gathering their contact information.

What percentage of your business is devoted to event photography and videography? One hundred percent. We don’t do weddings or private parties. We specialize in professional events. Therefore, if you need content for tradeshows or company events, we are your expert team.

What happens if there’s an unexpected issue, such as someone on your team getting sick on the day of my event?  We anticipate problems. We have contingency plans in place for almost any incident. On every occasion so far, we have been able to acquire a qualified corporate event photographer and videographer to fill in the gap when needed.

Do you have liability insurance? Yes. We provide a copy to every client.

Can we have digital files of our company event images? Yes, and with no additional charge.

What is your turnaround time? We can accommodate just about any turnaround time. We even can print images onsite so attendees can take home souvenirs from your event. Typical turnaround times are seven days for every two hours of the company event. We often provide a handful of images you request within 24 hours for press release purposes but can be quicker if needed.

Do you take posed and candid shots? Yes. We’ll work with you in advance of your event to create a plan for getting the images you want. Also, we can do natural-looking posed shots and have the skills to capture the harder-to-get candid photos as well.

Will you disrupt or slow down our company event? Absolutely not. Our team of corporate event photographers and technicians wear dark, matching clothes, so we don’t stand out. We are also very experienced at moving through events without disturbing participants at corporate events. Additionally, If you’ve requested posed shots, we look for opportunities to interact with eventgoers that don’t interfere with networking or business.

Do you charge sales tax? Rarely. Many photographers produce tangible products necessitating a sales tax in TN. However, if you need onsite printing, there will be a sales tax charge, which is outlined in the estimate.

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments? Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails. A corporate event photographer or videographer should always be able to easily collaborate with others, and we can. We are also very used to handling the entire workload ourselves if that better suits your needs.

Who will be working the event? Often it is Colby McLemore himself. Depending on the scope of the job, he may need the assistance of additional professionals. Occasionally, if Colby has a conflict, it will be a corporate event professional whose quality Colby stands behind. In these cases, barring an emergency, you will be informed beforehand.

How long do you keep the photos you take? After delivering the final images, we back up and archive all the selected and delivered images, while all discarded images are deleted. We also strive to keep multiple backups of all final selections. But unfortunately, technology does fail from time to time. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover images forever. We strongly suggest that you also keep digital copies of your pictures in a safe, easy-to-find place. If at a later date you would like us to recover the images, there is a digital management fee.