Knoxville architectural photographer

Knoxville Architectural Photographer

Knoxville architectural photographer Colby McLemore and his photography team have received acclaim both locally and internationally for their photographs. Colby’s clients include architects, custom home builders, interior design firms, resorts, hospitality establishments, restaurants, rental companies, and realtors. Every customer is served according to a value-driven, marketing mindset. Colby’s attention to detail, skillful use of an array of specialized equipment, and keen focus on creating fresh and functional imagery enable him to meet his clients’ ultimate professional marketing needs. As an architectural photographer, he is passionate about creating art from everyday concrete, steel, and glass.

Colby’s Knoxville architectural photography is visionary. He thrives on the various challenges of taking interior photographs. His unique and striking images display a balanced composition, using line, movement, and form. Colby creates textures and shapes by skillfully balancing natural and artificial light. At times, he uses his extensive professional lighting gear to take complete control of every aspect of the lighting to dramatically emphasize aspects of the scene he is photographing. Colby’s upbeat and friendly nature, reliability, and down-to-earth work ethic make the process of architectural photography a joy—both for himself and for his clients.