Knoxville commercial photographer

Knoxville Advertising & Commercial Photographer

Knoxville commercial photographer Colby McLemore has garnered international acclaim for his exceptional commercial imagery. He and his team’s commercial photography repertoire include a wide array of specialties including print, website, advertising, architectural, industrial, executive portraits, staff headshots, fashion, product, food, and fashion photography. Colby and his team demand that their images go beyond mere documentation. They feel that commercial images should capture concepts and emotions that will inspire customers to act. Colby works as a marketing advisor to help his clients discover what imagery would best connect with their particular clientele. You have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words—don’t you want all thousand working for you?

Colby is known for his unbridled enthusiasm coupled with an easy-going nature—all while maintaining a rock-solid reputation for professionalism and dependability. Working on business projects over the years, he and his team know that timelines are crucial, communication is key, and providing consistently high-quality images is essential. His pleasant disposition and tireless work ethic combine to make projects fun, all while achieving results directly geared toward your commercial marketing needs.

Colby has been recognized for his photography by the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation, receiving their “Big Wig Award,” and he has also received both gold and silver ADDYs Awards for his work in commercial photography. Cityview, the premier Knoxville magazine, also recognized him with an award for “Best Knoxville Commercial Photographer.” He was also chosen as one of the Top 10 Commercial Photographers at the International Photographic Competition, a distinction which he is most proud of as it was given to him by the best of his professional peers.